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Advanced Survival

Created by Silvathor




Hello everyone ! I'm the Silva and today I present you my new datapack !

It makes minecraft more realistic !

  • Blood, infection, tired and more !
  • You can kill mob with obsidian block ! Throw it !
  • Sleep some time or be tired !
  • Don't touch a zombie ! He can poison you !
  • You can find your corpse !
  • Drink system !

Desert is bad for you !

It's not just a datapack ! It's a new survival game !

To install, drag the downloaded file into your minecraft world's "datapack" folder and then type /reload in-game.

Watch video for more info about the datapack (it's French)

Pack Stats

Creator: Silvathor
(59 votes)
Version: 1.1
Size: 50.5 KB
Added: 2019-04-28
Downloads: 2,769
Category: Data Packs

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