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Created by DutchCommanderMC




by DutchCommanderMC

- An easy to use config to enable, disable and modify every feature
- Players drop their own heads on death:
  - As an item
  - On a pole
  - A body on the ground with an armor stand
- Spawn protection
- Particles when you die/take damage

How to configurate the datapack?
Start of by typing in this command:
  /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar dm_config
When you do this, the config scoreboard appears in the sidebar. You can find an explanation to what all values do below.
Use this command to modify each value:
  /scoreboard players set <setting> dm_config <new value>


Whether players should drop their own head upon death.
Available values are 0 (disabled) and 1 (enabled).
How heads should be spawned upon death. Only active if drop_head is set to 1
Available values are in range from 0 to 3.
0: Disabled
1: Drop head as an item
2: Place head on an oak fence
3: Summon an armor stand representing the body with the head. When the head is taken the armor stand disappears.
How long players should get spawn protection for upon death.
Available values are 0 (disabled) or higher (the length in seconds the players should get spawn protection upon death).
Whether the player's gamemode should be changed upon death.
Available values are in range from -1 to 3.
-1: Disabled
0: Change to Survival Mode
1: Change to Creative Mode
2: Change to Adventure Mode
3: Change to Spectator Mode
Whether players have blood particles around them if they take damage or die.
Available values are 0 (disabled), 1 (When taken damage or upon death) or 2 (Only upon death)

To install the datapack, put it inside your world's datapack folder and reload.
For questions, suggestions and other feedback feel free to leave a comment!

Pack Stats

Creator: DutchCommanderMC
(19 votes)
Version: 1.0
Size: 4.2 KB
Added: 2019-04-28
Downloads: 789
Category: Data Packs


+5 PvPqnda Great one Tim! :D

2019-04-28 20:40


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