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Created by XxcommanderxX




Do you want some bonus rewards while you mine? Download this datapack and add it to your world and you'll got some lootboxes during stones mining.

To unlock the lootbox, put it in your main hand and click shift.

There are 3 types of lootboxes (common, rare, insane). Every type is harder to get than the last.

Some advise to get lootboxes faster:

  • Mining the (andesite or granite) never get you a lootboxes, Mine stone only !
  • Mining during the night can be much better to get lootboxes than mining during the day.
  • If you stayed mining for above 30 minutes and you didn't get any lootboxes, try to change the area that you mine in.


Pack Stats

Creator: XxcommanderxX
(50 votes)
Version: 1.0
Size: 644.62 KB
Added: 2019-04-28
Downloads: 2,441
Category: Data Packs


+8 Abode999 Good joob . but can u add more types of boxes .

2019-05-01 14:11


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