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Panda's Eat Everything

Created by CrazyDav3




Made for Snapshot 19w02a (1.14).

Hello people!

Because of someone in this thread, I have made a small, silly datapack focusing on the destructive nature of pandas.

The custom pandas in this datapack (you have to spawn them ofc) will eat anything, blocks, items and mobs (except players, villagers and other pandas).

When you download this datapack it is also a great time to question your sanity.

This datapack focuses on pandas that will eat whatever is in front of them, be it tnt, bedrock or an ender dragon.

Unfortunately, around 30% of the time pandas eat tnt or chorus fruit, they will blow up or teleport.

Because custom crafting is limited in Minecraft right now, in order to get most custom items, you'll have to throw items on the ground with a few other ingredients. More info about crafting is in the readme.txt

This "small" datapack took me 10+ hours to make.

Extra Information:

  • 1. These Pandas will eat all mobs around them except villagers, players and other pandas.
  • 2. These Pandas will consume all items around them also.
  • 3. If these Pandas encounter tnt, there is a small chance of them exploding.
  • 4. If these Pandas encounter chorus plants, there is a chance of teleporting somewhere.
  • 5. If these Pandas encounter water or lava, they will continue breaking it and it makes an annoying sound.
  • 6. If these Pandas encounter air nothing will happen. What did you think would happen?
  • 7. If you hurt one of these pandas, they will turn invisible for 1 second to either attack or run away.
  • 8. Every 10 seconds they will summon a portal behind them.
  • And 9. If you miraculously make a panda eat tnt, and I mean holding it like bamboo, it will explode.

If you are in creative mode and want to get it without pointless crafting type /function panda:creative

Well That's it

Have a nice day and dont get triggered if the pandas destroy everything you've built over 5 years.

Enjoy the Datapack!

Final Note: If you have any recommendations on what to add next for this datapack please recommend on comments here.


  • v1.2 - The final release of the V1 series (with only 2 actual releases, lmao), this version gives these pandas the ability to turn invisible when hurt and make end gateway portals pop up, further reinforcing their status as interdimensional.
  • v1.1.1 - Added new cover.
  • v1.1 - Pandas now have Interdimensional abilities like flying while hunting for items within a 15 block radius.

Pack Stats

Creator: CrazyDav3
(6 votes)
Version: 1.2
MC Version: 19w02a (1.14)
Size: 9 KB
Added: 2019-01-15
Downloads: 189
Category: Data Packs


0 CrazyDav3 Note that it supports the full release of 1.14 as well.

2019-04-30 06:07

+1 CrazyDav3 And no, there aren't explosions like that. It's a metaphor that world world is doomed if you use it.

2019-01-15 23:36


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