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Minecraft 1.13 Data & Resource Packs

These packs were made for Minecraft 1.13 (Java Edition).

Get some bonus rewards while mining.

Hello everyone ! I'm the Silva and today I present you my new datapack ! It make minecraft more realistic !

Reclaim some diamonds from all those Jukeboxes you accidentally crafted for no reason!

Spare the cows! Reclaim some of the leather you wasted on that set of leather armor!

This data pack lets you get more gold from smelting up your gold tools and armor than you traditionally get in Minecraft! Plus, you can now smelt other gold things you made to many of!

Found your old set of Iron tools but don't want to smelt it for mere nuggets? Accidentally craft 10 stacks of compasses for no good reason and waste all your iron? Well, now you can get some of it back!

This data pack lets you craft tridents in 1.13! No more needing to fight drowned for hours, and you get it enchantment free and at full durability!

This datapack enables the display of health bars for each mob that is within a specific range in the world.

Have you ever wanted snowballs to be more powerful? Well in this datapack it turns snowballs into dangerous and powerful weapons!

Complete challenging advancements to gain the ability to move mobs, blocks and yourself in this Star wars inspired datapack.

"I wish there were grenades in Minecraft! Oh, wait…"

TreeCapitator makes chopping trees quicker by destroying all the logs above the one you cut!

Silk Touch Spawners allows you to collect spawners by mining them with silk touch pickaxes!

BlazeandCave's Advancements pack adds over 400 new advancements to your survival world.

Speed Bar is a data pack that adds a twist to Minecraft survival by adding a game mechanic which updates throughout and modifies your speed.