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Iron Recovery!

Created by RubikOwl




Found your old set of Iron tools but don't want to smelt it for mere nuggets? Accidentally craft 10 stacks of compasses for no good reason and waste all your iron?

Well, now you can get some of it back! With the Iron Recovery Data pack, not only will almost all the tools and armor you could previously smelt give you more iron, but almost everything made with iron will give you iron when smelted!

The exceptions being chain mail , shovels, pistons, and shields. Check out my video for more info on what you get for smelting things!

Pack Stats

Creator: RubikOwl
(15 votes)
Version: 1.0
MC Version: 1.13+
Size: 8.36 KB
Added: 2019-03-03
Downloads: 275
Category: Data Packs

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