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Mob Health Bar

Created by divano242622




Mob Health Bar: Description

Mob Health Bar | 1.4.3 | English | Single Player | Datapack | 1.13.x Compatible | 1.14.x Partial | Forge Friendly
For translated versions and others visit the Mob Health Bar page in Planet Minecraft orĀ Curse Forge.

Pack Stats

Creator: divano242622
(123 votes)
Version: 1.4.3
MC Version: 1.13.2
Size: 76.53 KB
Added: 2019-02-04
Downloads: 4,174
Category: Data Packs


+6 JACK211 very good best one so far

2019-04-13 07:50

+12 ReeceyB Doesn't show any screenshots of it ingame, the pics provided does not show the health bars position, unless if they really are below the mob which I doubt they are. Doesn't really make me want to download as I don't know how it looks ingame unlike other health bar datapacks that does show where the bar is exactly and how it would look ingame :/

2019-03-26 01:00

+5 pouchcotato12 this is actually very cool. very helpful

2019-02-27 00:56


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